Beauty Box ~ M.A.C Eyeshadow Collection

Hello, Hello!

As promised, here’s my M.A.C eyeshadow collection. I’ve grown to absolutely adore M.A.C.. I was never a huge fan before.


~ Swatches ~



Wedge, Cork, Swiss Chocolate, Antiqued.


Cranberry, Coppering, Red Brick, Rule.


Sushi Flower, Coral, Sable, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Amber Lights.

My favourite combinations would definitely have to be any red toned shade together – I adore red eyeshadow and as scary as red brick looks, it’s truly fab in your crease.

Combination 1 ~
Expensive Pink (inner corner), Mythology (outer third), Sable (crease) Expensive Pink lower lashline

Combination 2 ~
Cranberry (all over lid, lower lashline), Coppering (crease and outer corner)

Combination 3 ~
Cranberry (inner corner & outer corner on both top and bottom lid and lashline) Amber Lights (centre lid and centre lower lashline) with a dark brown/ black In crease. I’d usually use one from UK or my Sephora palette.

Combination 4~
Sushi Flower (outer third and in to outer crease) Coral (crease and inner corner), Expensive Pink (lid) Medium warm brown in the outer 3rd and crease to deepen it a bit.

Combination 5 ~
One of my favourite looks for either everyday or night. For night, I’d add a dark brown or black to the crease. This literally takes 3 minutes!
Swiss chocolate all over lid, Antiqued in outer corner, crease and lower lashline.

What are your favourite MAC shadows and combinations? I’m looking to add to my collection!

Here’s a quick picture I took this morning (as I was running out the door for my bus! Apologies for the derp face!) This is combination 1 except instead of sable, I used the medium/dark brown from the naked basics 1 palette. I get so many compliments when I wear this combination! Including today 🙂




Beauty Box ~ What’s in my Makeup Bag?


I promised a long time ago that I would stick to a blog schedule – Ha! like that ever happened. I disappeared for awhile, took a ‘break’ from blogging (AKA I freaked out and stopped blogging altogether..) One of the topics on my blog schedule was a ‘What’s in my Makeup Bag?’ post. I’m obsessed with these videos on Youtube and blogs too so, although I might be a little late, here it is 🙂


Ted Baker makeup bag purchased in Boots Pharmacy 🙂

First up, face!-


Depending on the day, I would either choose Guerlain’s Parure de Lumiere (tinted moisturiser) or MAC Pro longwear foundation on concealer.

Parure de Lumiere – 50 euro

MAC Pro longwear Foundation – 30ish euro

MAC Pro longwear concerler – 22 euro.



I couldn’t live without my MAC eyeshadows. I’m going to do a separate blog post with swatches, my favourites & my favourite combinations.

Rimmel Scandal eyes – Not my favourite, but the one I’m currently using!

Seventeen black liquid eyeliner – My holy grail eyeliner at the moment!

Essence eyeshadow brush, Sephora double ended eyeshot brush (brows & blending!)

MAC 217 blending brush.



Well really, the Garnier Moisture Match should have been first for my base, but oh well! I absolute LOVE this moisturiser. The scent is heavenly and it’s super hydrating.

Seventeen bronzing pan – Cheap as chips and absolutely brilliant!

Bare Minerals Powder – Okay, so it might be foundation, but I absolutely love to use this to set my makeup.

Hula Bronzer – Perfect for contouring!

Coralista – Gives me a lovely glow all day long.

Blogging Schedule! – September.

Happy September First you guys!

I know it’s not a holiday, or a particularly joyous occasion (especially with the whole back to school/college debacle) however I’ve decided to (hopefully) brighten up someones month! Keep on reading to find out why.

Here is what you can expect from me this month, as well as a little surprise!

Week One.

What’s in my Bag?/What’s in my makeup bag?

My makeup collection & storage

Everyday Makeup tutorial

My week in Pictures

My weekly OOTD

Week Two.

One Brand Makeup Tutorial

Q & A get to know me (Comment your questions below!:))

Top 5 Products – Nails, Eyes, Lips.

Icons Series – The 20’s – Coco Chanel – (Bio, Style & Tutorial!)

My week in Pictures (These will be done every week, I hope!)

My weekly OOTD (These will be done every week, I hope!)

Week Three.

Icons Series – The 30’s – Greta Garbo

Icons Series – The 40’s – Rita Hayworth

Icons Series – The 50’s – Marilyn Monroe

Fashion/ Makeup inspo

OOTD/My Week in Pictures

Week Four.

Icons Series – The 50’s – Grace Kelly

Icons Series – The 50’s – Audrey Hepburn

Icons Series – The 60’s – Twiggy (I will continue the 70’s/80’s/90’s/00’s in October!)

September faves/empties


** There may be slight changes in the above as I’m starting a new job and going back to college!**


So I’ve decided that since this blogging community is just so kind and encouraging that I’d give a little back. If I reach 150-200 subscribers by the end of the month (or whenever I do!) I will be hosting a giveaway to get your hands on some fab goodies from brands such as Catrice, Essence, NYX, Simple & a few other little bits and bobs! These will all be paid for using my own money and no sponsorship will be used. 

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both @dancingindior) for updates and info!

xoxo Amy


Haul & Review: Wet n’ Wild !

Hello Beautiful ❤

This is my first double post and also my first post about Wet n’ Wild!

I remember watching my favourite YouTube Beauty Guru’s talk about Wet N’ Wild and how fantastic their products were and also how outrageously affordable. Every week I’d check my local pharmacy to see, if my magic, they somehow started stocking them. I live in Ireland where many American brands are just a dream..a far, far away dream BUT HUZZAH! Ireland has finally jumped on the American bandwagon and our Pharmacies (drug stores) have begun to stock brands such as NYX, Wet N’ Wild, NYC, Illamasqua, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills and I couldn’t be happier. 

Wet N’ Wild’s Mission Statement on their website is something I relate to and look for in a brand big time.

“We know that beauty products are a necessity; we see that quality products are essential to your makeup routine and we understand that spending your entire paycheck on a lipstick is just not reasonable.”

Even though my love affair with Wet N’ Wild started a few years ago, it was only a couple of months ago that I held their products in my hand. My first purchase was their eyebrow pencil in a fabulous deep brown. The first time I used it, my boyfriend (who didn’t even notice when I dyed my hair blonde) commented on how amazing my eyebrows looked. I was sold. In that same purchase, I got one of WnW famous Trio’s in I’m Getting Sunburned and two blushes in Mellow Wine & Berry Shimmer.


These three shades are so highly pigmented and easy to blend although I’m really not sure why the browbone shade is such a bright sparkly pink! Swatches below 🙂

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio I'm Getting Sunburned Swatch

I have used these eyeshadows with no primer beneath and they don’t crease or fade. Typically, my makeup goes on at 6.30 am and I don’t take it off until 10pm and they’re still as vibrant as first thing in the AM.


These blushes are again, that deep berry shade I adore. Highly pigmented, so much so, that it does make it a little hard to blend so I suggest barely dabbing your blush brush into the colour! Pearlecsent Pink & Heather Silk are the other two shades they come in and are definitely next on my list. Dear WnW Please make more blush shades!

This week, I put myself on a shopping ban, meaning NO MAKEUP, NO CLOTHES, NO FRIVELOUS SPENDING! Last night as I was on my way to meet my friends for coffee, I just ‘happened’ to be in Dunnes Stores and just ‘happened’ to wander down the cosmetics aisle towards a bright, brand new, shiny Wet N’ Wild stand. *wink wink!*

I ended up buying two on-trend lipsticks – Mega Last Lip Colour in Cherry Bomb and a Silk Finish Lipstick in Just Garnet, an eight pan eyeshadow palette in Comfort Zone and a single shadow in Creme Brulee. My total purchase came to about €13.00.. for NINE eyeshadows and TWO lipsticks! Amazing or what?

Mega Last Lip Colour – Cherry Bomb.


(Not my picture)

This deep purple, berry shade is right on trend for winter. Upon initial testing last night the consistancy was very thick and difficult to control, however I do believe using a lip balm prior and a lip brush to apply will make this go on like a dream.

Silk Finish – Just Garnet.


So this is me this morning! The lipstick is slightly darker in person!

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that red is my favourite colour. Deep red, pink-red, ruby red, fire engine red.. Eyes, lips, hair, clothes. I LOVE RED. So when I spotted this baby it went straight in my basket. Silky smooth and long lasting (I’m wearing it right now! 4 hours, I’ve drank a coffee, a bottle of water and eaten and still perfectly made up lips!) I’m 100% delighted with this purchase and I’m going back for a few more which will include : Copper Dust, Black Orchid and Cinnamon.

Comfort Zone Palette.



(The above are ALL my OWN products, pictures & swatches)

Eight perfectly pigmented shadows for €6.99? Who would say no to that!? Definitely not me and definitely not my shopping ban! That’s who! These shadows have a lovely pearl finish and are so easily blended. My favourites have to be the second and third down on the left hand side and the fourth one down on the right hand side. The fourth one down is just amazing. Brown based with a blue/green iridescent shade. Today, I’m using all three of my favourite shades and a small winged liner, tightline my lower lashes and mascara. It took 3 minutes to complete, blend and I look perfectly polished & as though I spent a lot of time on my eyes!


Single Shadow – Creme Brulee


(This is not my swatch)

This is a matte cream/off white which is also a dupe for MAC’s Llama shadow and also Bare Minerals Well Rested Powder!

Oh. My. God. This is a GODSEND. Today, I used this as my blending shade, brow bone highlight AND under eye brightener(in the same way you would use Ben Nye Banana Powder/ Bare Minerals Well Rested) and highlighter down the centre of my nose….and used it to blot out my lip line!. I genuinely believe this is THEE item I’d be bringing to an isolated Island where I was only allowed one product. For approx €1.99 how could you go wrong? That’s right, you wouldn’t! I’ll be off to stock up on a few more of this particular colour as well as the fab brown shade I resisted – Nutty!

Wet N’ Wild is available in Dunnes Stores across Ireland and also a few local Pharmacies, so I highly recommend you high-tail it to your nearest stockist and give these babies a whirl!

Have you tried WnW? What’s your favourite?

xoxo Amy


MOTD using WnW Comfort Palette & Just Garnet Lipstick






Haul – August

Hello beautiful people! 😊

I went ‘window shopping’ on Sunday with my mum and put a few things on hold which my mum was kind enough to collect for me today (Payday! Weeee!)

If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’ll see I wrote a ‘Payday Picks’ post which.. Didn’t go to plan as you’ll see, but first, let’s all look and appreciate the amazingness of cheesecake that I’m currently munching on while writing this post 😊


I added some sparkles for extra amazingness.

Anyways, on to my haul!

First stop was New Look (my favourite Store of all time) where I picked up a few bits for starting my new job!



Black wedge booties with gold zip detail – 25.00



Navy jumper with gold zip detailing – 25.00 – This jumper is so soft! I picture myself living in it all winter!



Black sheer shirt – 15.00



How AMAZING is this navy & black check skirt?! I’m crazy in love with this! 25.00IMG_7259.JPG

White & Black houndstooth shawl/scarf/cover up –  I’m not sure how much it was as there was no tag. This thing is HUGE! So soft and so warm.. Excited for the colder weather now 😀

And then, I went to a local Boutique where I got this fabulous black Lucy Paris bodycon dress with gold detail reduced to €25.00!





Next up was a local shoe boutique. I’m a boot addict. When the air begins to chill, I turn to boots and will continue to live in them until it’s at least 20 degrees. I got these two gorgeous pairs of knee high biker boots reduced to €32.50 each! I got one pair in black and one brown which have gorgeous stud detailing up the back and a little buckle on the side where you can tighten them.




Then came my favourite part of the whole trip, which was of course the ‘drugstore’ which we call pharmacies in Ireland. I picked up my two brands of the moment ‘Sleek’ and ‘NYX’



I picked up two lipsticks from their matte range in Merlot (red, red wine!) and Tea Rose, a soft pink, (Tea Rose was recommended by Tayslifeunscripted and I’m definitely glad I got it!) and a lip liner in ‘Cabaret’ which is a beautiful deep red. NYX have only recently come to Ireland but I have to say they’re quickly becoming my favourite brand by miles. Pigmented, long lasting and affordable, what more could you want!?



Tea Rose, Cabaret, Merlot


Lo and behold, I then purchased this beautiful blush trio by sleek in ‘Pink Sprint’. I am in LOVE.

Sleek are known for high quality, highly pigmented shadows and blushes at super affordable prices. I paid only 13 euro for this baby and look at the colours !


I don’t believe the name Pink Sprint really applies as two of the blushes are quite red toned.
I highly recommend this palette for A/W as it’s bang on Trend.

Lastly, I purchased this maybelline mascara. I’ve never tried this particular one, but I generally love Maybelline mascaras and this was on sale for €5.00 so I couldn’t say no 🙂

Follow me on IG @dancingindior to see how I style the clothing from this haul as well as makeup looks using Sleek and NYX !

I really hope you enjoyed this post, comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Xoxo Amy

My Weekend MOTD.

Good Morning lovelies 😊

Just thought I’d do a quick post to show you guys what makeup I did this weekend.

I found my BH Cosmetics 120 1st edition palette and decided to be a little crazy with the colours.
On Saturday, I did a green smokey look using only BH, eyeko black liquid liner and Clinique Mascara.


I kept the rest of my makeup simple. Using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation as my base with a light dusting of Bare Minerals powder.

Bourjois is something I’ve had in my makeup collection forever. I hated it when I first purchased it, but since then, my skin has definitely changed and it looks really nice !

On Saturday night I asked my IG followers which colour I should do next, and the fabulous Tay from Tayslifeunscripted said Bright Blue. Faux pas, non?



I gave this look a bit of dimension by adding dark blue and black eyeliner. I tried to keep away from the 70s vibes!

I’m actually fairly pleased with how this turned out, but I knew my boyfriend would be a bit shocked. We’ve been together over a year, but I still love to make an effort when he comes over so I changed my makeup to a more neutral look.

For this, I used only a Maybelline Quad in Coral Drama. He showed up before I could to my usual winged liner!


And that’s all folks! Be sure to follow me on twitter and IG @dancingindior to keep up with my crazy looks 😊

Lots of love,
Xoxo – Amy

I’ve Got a Confession to Make…

Okay guys,

I have a serious problem.

A big issue.

Something that needs sorting out. STAT.

I am addicted to lipstick.

I never thought I’d say those words out loud. I never really thought about lipstick before and I’m usually always about the eyes, that is, until two things happened.

  1. I found Kylie Jenner.
  2. I fell in love with NYX lipstick.

You may have noticed I have a slight obsession with Kylie Jenner from previous posts, and I’m the type of gal who looks up to makeup artists such as Juliasallure & Nikkietutorials. I am most definitely not the type of girl to fawn over celebrities, nevermind the spawn of Momager Kris Jenner (Is she even still a Jenner?, okay, I may know a lot  little about said Kartrashians. They’re addictive OKAY!?) but Kylie Jenner is just a little ball of perfection and I am WILDLY Jealous.

NYX is a brand I coveted for years and lo-and-behold they’ve FINALLY started stocking it in Ireland. My first few purchases always included a lipstick of some sort, but as I’m a ‘collector’ of makeup, I still never reached for them. With the exception of my favourite colour in the whole world – Alabama – from their matte range. (This colour is a deep, burgandy red that would suit any colouring – ABOVE.)

Last week, I was perusing my local pharmacy looking for a colour that would be a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and Whirl lip liner. For the google-geek I am, I never thought of searching for NYX dupes for these however, I immediately spotted ‘Mauve’ lip liner and ‘Thalia’ lipstick. Perfect. Dupes. Instant. Love.

I wore those colours everyday for about two weeks – I went from never putting a thing on my lips to this!- until I became rebellious and pulled out another NYX favourite – Angel. Angel is a fab pink, my-lips-but-better shade that doesn’t look odd on me. (I find a lot of lipsticks look a tad weird!)

I also went and purchased NYX butter glosses. Another first for me, as I hate lipgloss. These babies are AMAZING.

 Buttery, creamy, moisturising texture, fab scent and GREAT colour payoff. Want to know the BEST thing about these? – Wind & long hair are not a problem! No sticky, hairy lips! Godsend!

I’ve already bought Apple Strudel, Maple Blondie & Creme Brulee and worn them several times, on their own or over nude lipsticks.

I find myself daydreaming about lipstick now! I’ve baskets filled for both NYX and Makeup Revolution so come payday I will be rolling in lipstick 🙂

Here’s my NYX Wishlist :-


  1. Hippie Chic
  2. Indie Flick
  3. Natural Mauve
  4. Perfect Red
  5. Sierra
  6. Merlot
  7. Sweet Pink (A violet fuschia fusion!)
  8. Audrey
  9. Temptress
  10. Street Cred
  11. Eden
  12. Aria (Most perfect fuschia! <3)
  13. Siren.


  1. Medusa
  2. Shiva
  3. Nyx
  4. Chaos
  5. Ulysses
  6. Hestia
  7. Hebe
  8. Snow White
  9. Bruised
  10. Peach Bellini


  1. Cherry Cheesecake
  2. Meringue
  3. Peaches & Cream
  4. Eclair.


If you guys would like to see swatches & a review for what I purchase on Monday, let me know in the comments below!

In the mean time, What are your favourite lipsticks?

xoxo Amy