Beauty Box ~ M.A.C Eyeshadow Collection

Hello, Hello!

As promised, here’s my M.A.C eyeshadow collection. I’ve grown to absolutely adore M.A.C.. I was never a huge fan before.


~ Swatches ~



Wedge, Cork, Swiss Chocolate, Antiqued.


Cranberry, Coppering, Red Brick, Rule.


Sushi Flower, Coral, Sable, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Amber Lights.

My favourite combinations would definitely have to be any red toned shade together – I adore red eyeshadow and as scary as red brick looks, it’s truly fab in your crease.

Combination 1 ~
Expensive Pink (inner corner), Mythology (outer third), Sable (crease) Expensive Pink lower lashline

Combination 2 ~
Cranberry (all over lid, lower lashline), Coppering (crease and outer corner)

Combination 3 ~
Cranberry (inner corner & outer corner on both top and bottom lid and lashline) Amber Lights (centre lid and centre lower lashline) with a dark brown/ black In crease. I’d usually use one from UK or my Sephora palette.

Combination 4~
Sushi Flower (outer third and in to outer crease) Coral (crease and inner corner), Expensive Pink (lid) Medium warm brown in the outer 3rd and crease to deepen it a bit.

Combination 5 ~
One of my favourite looks for either everyday or night. For night, I’d add a dark brown or black to the crease. This literally takes 3 minutes!
Swiss chocolate all over lid, Antiqued in outer corner, crease and lower lashline.

What are your favourite MAC shadows and combinations? I’m looking to add to my collection!

Here’s a quick picture I took this morning (as I was running out the door for my bus! Apologies for the derp face!) This is combination 1 except instead of sable, I used the medium/dark brown from the naked basics 1 palette. I get so many compliments when I wear this combination! Including today πŸ™‚




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