Blogging Schedule! – September.

Happy September First you guys!

I know it’s not a holiday, or a particularly joyous occasion (especially with the whole back to school/college debacle) however I’ve decided to (hopefully) brighten up someones month! Keep on reading to find out why.

Here is what you can expect from me this month, as well as a little surprise!

Week One.

What’s in my Bag?/What’s in my makeup bag?

My makeup collection & storage

Everyday Makeup tutorial

My week in Pictures

My weekly OOTD

Week Two.

One Brand Makeup Tutorial

Q & A get to know me (Comment your questions below!:))

Top 5 Products – Nails, Eyes, Lips.

Icons Series – The 20’s – Coco Chanel – (Bio, Style & Tutorial!)

My week in Pictures (These will be done every week, I hope!)

My weekly OOTD (These will be done every week, I hope!)

Week Three.

Icons Series – The 30’s – Greta Garbo

Icons Series – The 40’s – Rita Hayworth

Icons Series – The 50’s – Marilyn Monroe

Fashion/ Makeup inspo

OOTD/My Week in Pictures

Week Four.

Icons Series – The 50’s – Grace Kelly

Icons Series – The 50’s – Audrey Hepburn

Icons Series – The 60’s – Twiggy (I will continue the 70’s/80’s/90’s/00’s in October!)

September faves/empties


** There may be slight changes in the above as I’m starting a new job and going back to college!**


So I’ve decided that since this blogging community is just so kind and encouraging that I’d give a little back. If I reach 150-200 subscribers by the end of the month (or whenever I do!) I will be hosting a giveaway to get your hands on some fab goodies from brands such as Catrice, Essence, NYX, Simple & a few other little bits and bobs! These will all be paid for using my own money and no sponsorship will be used. 

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both @dancingindior) for updates and info!

xoxo Amy



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