Update :)

Hello Beautiful People!

So today I just thought I’d post an update of my life as I’m crazy busy at the moment so I don’t have time (until this weekend!) to post any reviews/tutorials.

I’m due to leave my current role as a Legal Executive in two weeks, where I’ll be joining a financial firm as a Trainee Accountant. I couldn’t be happier, even though I’m terrified. I have been doing a night course in Payroll and the job was initially for someone in Payroll with 3 years experience. I guess I lucked out because even though I’m only half way through my course (and have never worked in Payroll) ย they’re willing to take me on as a Payroll Technician and then train me up as an Accountant.

For someone who’s only 22 and never went to ‘proper college’ I think I’m doing very well for myself and I’m finally going places. (My previous jobs included retail and Flight Attendant!)

I’ve also set myself five challenges for the upcoming months.


Get healthy & fit. – If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’ll know I’ve come a long way weight-wise in the last few years. Lately, I’ve been eating so bad and my body knows it so I’m determind to get back into shape! I’ve also started TRX. As an exercise hater, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I LOVE TRX! My instructor is amazing and doesn’t make you feel crappy if you can’t do some of the moves. I’ve already come on leaps and bounds from 4 classes. It starts back next week and I can’t wait! I’m looking to lose 10 lbs and no more so I’m not going to deprive myself of anything. well ehh…except for the next part, but that’s just because they’re so bad for me..not that I really genuinely want them!


This kind of ties in with the above, but I’m giving up Fizzy drinks, energy drinks, jellies & chocolate. I used to drink 3 diet fizzy drinks/diet energy drinks everyday. I’m on day two and going strong ๐Ÿ™‚


No more frivilous spending. My lunchtimes are usually spent wasting money on crappy food and buying makeup I don’t need. I’m on a tight budget this month so I’m determind not to buy anything during the week (except for my daily treat of coffee:)), bring (and eat) my packed lunch (which is also healthier) and no trips to Boots/Topshop/New Look. I am a shop-a-holic and not afraid to admit it! I must say I will be cheating a little as I’m going to buy a dress and coat from New Look in the coming weeks (FOR MY NEW JOB!) but they’re not on sale yet so I have to wait.


Use up the makeup I already own! I’ve never finished lotions, skin care products, eyeshadows etc. so now I’m determind to use what I’ve got. This also applies to clothes. I’m going to spend the weekend organising my room, creating outfits and re-organising my makeup (so keep an eye out on IG @dancingindior and possibly a blog post or two!!)


Spend more time with friends and become more active mid-week. The bad diet and fizzy drinks are really affecting me as when I’m finished work my energy is drained. I go home, crawl into bed and that’s where I’ll stay. I’m determind to go out, make new friends, catch up with the old ones and start living a little! Tomorrow night I’m meeting up with my old colleagues for dinner, Saturday I’ve a lunch date with my boyfriend and Sunday I’m going to make an effort with my friends who I haven’t seen in months. I’ve also arranged to meet up with some colleagues from my Flight Attendant days in a couple weeks. It’s awkward to see them due to their backwards schedule.

Are you guys making any mid-year resolutions? Does anyone need a healthy diet/weight loss buddy? hehe.

xoxo Amy


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