Monthly Favourites – August.

Hello Dolls,

What a crazy weekend I’ve had, I’ve barely had time to breathe let alone blog!

I’ve only been blogging a week, but it’s something I genuinely look forward to doing. I’ve been on the go constantly lately and things have caught my eye along the way and I find myself thinking ‘Oh! That’d be good for a Blog Post!’ then I’ll forget all about it. I really need to get myself a nice little journal as I find typing things into my phone can be a bit frustrating. I’m not sure why! I just love everything to be laid out neatly in front of me.

Anyways, enough rambling from moi, on to my Monthly Fave’s!


I’m one of those gals that hoards foundations, eyeshadow and powders. Some people collect stamps, I collect makeup 🙂

  • Guerlain Parure De Lumiere Foundation. You can check out my full review here!
  • Vichy Dermablend Foundation in no. 15 Opal. –

My, oh my! I love my full coverage foundations, and upon hearing such hype about Dermablend, I rushed to Boots to grab some. This foundation is a LIFE-SAVER.

It’s a thick and creamy consistency and if you don’t like heavy or full makeup I advise you to back away right now. This baby covered EVERYTHING. It gave a lovely dewey finish – not too matte but still not too dewey that lasted at least 8 hours. That would be because, no matter what foundation I use, it dissolves into my skin, so this is by no means a reflection on Vichy, I have found this with the cheapest foundations and the most high end foundations..they just hate my skin!! I do have to say, that it was only really my T- Zone that is disappeared from (I’m dry, not oily) and it still didn’t look too bad! Now, I’m coming to the end of my tube so I’m using it as concealer instead of foundation together with my Guerlain Parure De Lumiere.

  • Urban Decay Flushed Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush trio in Streak –


Well, What can I say. I’m a complete Urban Decay Addict. I remember purchasing my first Book of Shadows waaay back when and I can’t say I ever regret one single UD purchase. For my birthday, my sister bought me the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation and while we were perusing the UD stand in Debenhams, I came across this gem. The bronzer is perfectly matte and not too dark while the highlighter really does the perfect job. I’ve always had issues with highlighter, but this baby can do no wrong. The real show-stealer from this trio however, is the blush.

Do you ever have those days where you feel your face just looks blah? You’re makeup isn’t sitting right and you look dull and tired? Believe me, I have those days often but one swipe on each cheek of this magnificent peachy/pink blush and I both look and feel complete. I never believed a slick of blush could transform your face so much and I definitely will  not be foregoing blush purchases in future! (I especially want to purchase more Sleek blushes!)

IMG_7127.JPGUrban Decay Naked Basics Palette –

Another fantastic product that I can’t get enough of!! My wonderful boyfriend gifted this to me as a part of our one year anniversary present (The man has taste!) and I haven’t gone a day without using it. Perfectly matte and neutral shadows that will suit everyone as well as fab brow bone highlighter shades. I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone! weather just starting out with makeup or already a seasoned MUA, this is a MUST-HAVE. My only negative comment on this palette is that it doesn’t have a warm brown shade. Don’t get me wrong, Naked 2 & Faint are gorgeous shades but I do wish they had have thrown in a nice chocolate brown!

  • NYX Lipstick in no. 529 – Thalia & Nyx Lipliner in no. 831 – Mauve.

Two words. Kylie. Jenner.


Oh how I love that girl and her lips can do no wrong. Unfortunately I cannot afford MAC lipstick at the moment so I had to pass on Velvet Teddy & Whirl lip liner but ALAS! Perusing my local NYX counter I came across these two babies. For the perfect Kylie Jenner pout, forget MAC and head on down to NYX. Definitely in my top 5 favourite brands for well.. just about everything!

  • Revlon Uniqone All in One Hair Treatment.

While getting my hair done at my local salon last week, the hairdresser couldn’t believe how badly knotty my hair gets. Seriously, you brush it till its perfectly smooth, I won’t move an inch and two minutes later, you’d swear Medusa had gotten all up on that.

My absolutely fab stylist gave me this mini bottle of Revlon UniqONE (Which is also Coconut scented – mm!!) and said hopefully it will help.

Did it? – YES! – Okay, so I’m not 100% tangle free, but I’m getting there and I’ll definitely be purchasing a full size bottle on pay day!

  • Theirry Mugler – Alien.

My favourite scent at the moment which is  rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber. Perfect Autumnal scent thats soft and comforting but definitely sexy and mysterious. I love it, my friends love it and my boyfriend loves it. Win!

  • Pandora.

Last but not least, my Pandora Charm Bracelet. I had to put this in here as it was the second surprise my boyfriend got me for our one year anniversary (Again, man has great taste!) Before I met him, I rarely wore jewellery. Don’t get me wrong, I loved and had plenty of jewellery,  I just never remembered to put any of it on! For Christmas, James bought me a gorgeous silver DKNY watch and an even more stunning diamond necklace. I never take either of them off.. and when he presented me with this Pandora bracelet, with the little silver and pearl angel wings, I knew it was another that would be firmly planted on my wrist. I can’t wait to start adding to it and have already picked out 20+ charms!


I hope I haven’t bored you guys and gals to tears and I really hope you enjoyed my August Monthly favourites.

Stay tuned for more tutorials, mood boards, Monthly Faves and Reviews 🙂

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xoxo – Amy









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    1. I’ve very very dry skin and I don’t actually find it too bad!! A little drying, but not as bad as a lot lighter formulas I’ve tried. Moisturise & Prime and you should be fine 🙂 and maybe only use at weekends!

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