The ‘Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ AWARD!


The absolutely FAB-U-LOUS (and hilarious) Andrea over at Alkeme Beauty has created her own awards. (No, seriously, read her intro to this award, I rolled around the bus laughing like a maniac, just wait until you see the questions!)

The Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person Award! *releases balloons and fanfare begins!*

I have been nominated and asked to answer some rather odd questions and then tag some of you lovely ladies! (& Gents!)

1. Where is it?

I would say it’s under the bed. Everything’s usually under the bed.

2. Can you please hand it to me?

If you make me a PB&J

3. What is your favorite sandwich topping?

bahaha, I didn’t even realise this question was coming. I’ll have to say Peanut Butter & Jam

4. Did you think Seanson 3 of ‘Heroes’ was terrible or horrifyingly awful?

THERES A THIRD SEASON!? (I can’t remember if I saw it…I love Hiro <3)

5. Why am I so sexually attracted to Jeff Goldblum?

Who the **** is Jeff Goldblum and why on earth would you be attracted to someone with such an unfortunate name!! Take out the L and its Goldbum..ahaha

6. Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

I just sat here for ten minutes trying to convince myself that inflammable was the opposite of flammable and that you were wrong. Thanks for wasting ten minutes of my life Andrea!

7. Would you rather sweat mayo or have to poop a softball?

Whats a softball?? Isn’t that a sport in the US? Ehh… Mayo scares me, so I’ll go with.. neither.

8.  Why do you think you deserve  the Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person award?

Clearly I’m a Super, Fun, Excellent, Good, Nice Blogger who can don some darn fancy clothing every once in awhile…

9. Do you know where I left my keys?

Again, under the bed.

10. Yes?


So, there you have it! My first blog Award. 

P.S I’m still laughing here.

Questions for my nominees! (less..odd :D)

1. Favourite Movie?

2. Favourite Smell?

3. Most stupid/silly thing you’ve ever done?

4. Favourite High Street Store?

5. How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

6. Favourite Season & why?

7. Favourite song at the moment?

8. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

9. If you had to move to a desert Island and you could only bring 1 item of makeup, 1 outfit and 1 person, what would they be?

10. Favourite Blog of the moment!?


Sorry my questions weren’t as adventurous Andrea! 

I would LOVE to nominate :




Audrey Bethards

Lolo’s Confessions

Remember to link back my blog!

Lots of Love

xoxo – Amy


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