Hello Lovelies!

*Deep breath*

My name is Amy and I’m a 22 years young, makeup crazy, fashion loving Drama Queen.

My friends would never in a million years describe me as ‘shy’, but here I am, harboring the biggest secret of them all… this blog terrifies me to the point of diving under my desk, wrapping myself up in a furry blanket with a tub of Nutella and contemplating never coming back out.

I’m so scared of rejection and negativity that I shy away from anything that puts me in the spotlight. A far cry from a few years ago where I’d HAVE to and NEED to be the center of attention.

So ‘what happened?’ I hear you ask! – I became an ‘Emo Kid’, a ‘Rocker’, a ‘Goth’. I gained weight and wore baggy clothes. I was picked on and bullied for dressing all in black and listening to heavy metal. My confidence plummeted into a black abyss surrounded by Nirvana Hoodies and Slipknot CD’s. Gone were the days I’d beg my parents to enroll me in every stage school within a hundred mile radius. Gone was the girl who had an answer for everything – okay, she wasn’t completely gone. I still have the biggest gob ever. Simply, I just lost myself.

Within the last two years I’ve come to realize that the above was my problem. I never got nervous, I could talk for Ireland. I’d happily speak to a brick wall if there was no one else who would listen. In that time period, I lost 3 stone and became a healthy weight and a size 10-12, realized that I can be considered ‘pretty’, found a deep, deep passion for everything and anything to do with makeup ,fashion & photography.

Although this blog will focus on Makeup & Fashion, from time to time I will post Lifestyle & Photography blogs 🙂

Now, enough about me! ‘Does she ever shut up?’ , ‘Does she ever stop rambling!?’ I hear you cry. (The answer is no, but for now, I’ll get on with it)

This blog is where I’ll do reviews, tutorials (when I get the courage!), swatches, comparisons, fashion posts, hauls and everything and anything in between.

If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see, comment below and I’ll do my best!

Bubye for now,

xoxo – Amy



-Madrid, Spain, January 2014


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