Guerlain Parure De Lumiere Review.

Hello again 😊

Today I’ve a short and sweet Review for Guerlain Parure De Lumiere foundation for dry skin!



Firstly, I’d like to let you know that I have combination/dry skin. I used to have such dry skin that I’d carry moisturiser everywhere and often had to make a mad dash to the bathroom to try minimize the flaking! Over the last year or so, my skin has changed considerably and although I’m still dry, it’s not nearly half as bad as it used to be! I’ve also begun getting spots but only maybe once a month and not severe breakouts (thank god! I never got them as a teenager 😭)

The sales assistant at the Guerlain counter recommended this foundation as soon as I mentioned dry skin. I’m a full coverage kind of gal, and the fact this was only medium made me a little sketchy. The SA had such beautiful makeup though, I went ahead and splurged a little πŸ˜‰

PRICE : €50.50 (the SA first told me it was €49 and that my mums teracotta was also €49 but then the prices jumped to €50.50 and €51!! Not impressed, I know it’s not a huge difference but splurging this much was a big deal to me!)

PROMISE : (according to Guerlains first moisturising and diffusing foundation.
Medium coverage.
SPF 25.
Satin Sheer finish.
Light diffusing (at a 360 degree angles)


I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation. The first thing I noticed was the scent. That delicious scent that almost all Guerlain products hold.

Next, the fact it was the perfect shade for me. I purchased the lightest of light, number 01 beige. I find a lot of foundations, even the palest shades to be orange on me. I’m as pale as a ghost! (Stupid Irish skin!)

One pump disguised my freckles. I practically paint my foundation on so as not to see my freckles, but this foundation actually made my skin and complexion look fab! Even though they were still visible, it didn’t bother me one bit! (Okay, so for work this morning I did use a small bit of EstΓ©e Lauder double wear concealer under my eyes, sides of my nose and on the big spot on my chin.)

Two pumps gave perfect – not completely caked – coverage, however I wouldn’t use this everyday as it is an extremely expensive foundation.

No matter how much primer I use before applying foundation, on certain places of my face, the foundation just disappears. I’m not sure why this happens but I do believe it’s to do with dry skin! Every foundation I’ve ever used has had the same reaction. Today, possibly due to the coverage, although it did disappear, it didn’t look patchy as with so many foundations before it.

Overall, I give this foundation an 8/10 and can safely say it was worth the extra euros!!

What’s your favourite foundation and why?

Bubye for now!

xoxo – Amy



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